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Alamo1 Leads Environmental Disaster Course at UTSA

Our own Dr. Scott Harris is scheduled to lead a second Environmental Disasters course for the UTSA Environmental Science program. This three-credit hour course will be taught one night per week in the Fall 2018 semester, making it available to both traditional and non-traditional students who can enroll at either the undergraduate (ES 3953) or graduate (ES 6973) level.  There are no prerequisites and no books to buy.  It will be a hands-on course covering everything from the what, why and how to behind-the-scenes insights and details that you will not hear anywhere else.

Brief course description:

This course will focus on the planning, responding and recovery phases of large, complex environmental disasters and the roles and implications for environmental scientists. First-hand perspectives on unique and nationally significant emergencies and disasters ranging from Shuttle Columbia to Hurricane Katrina to Deepwater Horizon to a chlorine derailment from a former U.S. EPA Federal On-Scene Coordinator.

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